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Check Point Gaia is the next generation Secure Operating System for all Check Point Appliances, Open Servers and Virtualized Gateways.

Gaia combines the best features from IPSO and SecurePlatform (SPLAT) into a single unified OS providing greater efficiency and robust performance. By upgrading to Gaia, customers will benefit from improved appliance connection capacity and reduced operating costs. With Gaia, IP Appliance customers will gain the ability to leverage the full breadth and power of all Check Point Software Blades.

Gaia secures IPv6 networks utilizing the Check Point Acceleration & Clustering technology and it protects the most dynamic network and virtualized environments by supporting 5 different dynamic routing protocols. As a 64-Bit OS, Gaia increases the connection capacity of existing appliances supporting up-to 10M concurrent connections for select 2012 Models.

Gaia simplifies management with segregation of duties by enabling role-based administrative access. Furthermore, Gaia greatly increases operation efficiency by offering Automatic Software Update.

The feature-rich Web interface allows for search of any command or property in a second.

Gaia provides backward compatibility with IPSO and SPLAT CLI-style commands making it an easy transition for existing Check Point customers.

main features of Gaia

  • Support for all Check Point appliances.
  • Support for all Open servers appearing on the Check Point Hardware Compatibility List.
  • High Connection Capacity through 64-bit support on select appliances.
  • New Web UI portal providing full control of the system, with search capability and web based terminal.
  • Unified command line shell which is backward compatible with Clish and cpshell.
  • IPv6 native support, including acceleration, ClusterXL ,Web UI and command line shell.
  • ClusterXL and VRRPRole Based Administration – fine grained control of Administrator’s privileges.
  • RADIUS and TACACS+ support.


The following appliances are supported by Gaia:

  • 2012 appliances – 21400, 12600, 12400, 12200, 4800, 4600, 4200, 2200
  • Power-1 – 11000, 9070, 5070
  • UTM-1 – 3070, 2070, 1070, 570, 270, 130
  • Smart-1 – 150, 50, 25, 25B, 5
  • IP Appliances – IP2450, IP1280, IP690, IP560, IP390, IP290, IP282, IP150

Gaia supports all the Open Servers that SecurePlatform supports. You can check the Hardware Compatibility List on the Check Point public site.


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